Barbi's Annual Pink Party
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sexypartyclub0203117.jpg sexypartyclub0203117b.jpg sexypartyclub0203117c.jpg sexypartyclub0203118.jpg

MtDove spreads her legs open wide for party-goers to finger her delicious, dripping wet PINK PUSSY while she eats ChaCha's pussy! 

sexypartyclub0203118b.jpg sexypartyclub0203119.jpg sexypartyclub0203120.jpg sexypartyclub0203120b.jpg

MotherWantsIt and OralAngie gives some lucky party-goer a Double Blow Job!  These two ladies just don't quit, Thank Goodness. 

sexypartyclub0203121.jpg sexypartyclub0203122.jpg sexypartyclub0203122b.jpg sexypartyclub0203122c.jpg

Everywhere you looked, there were girls eating girls, guys eating girls, girls sucking guys, the sexual charge of the night just kept growing!  And as you'll see, THIS was ONLY the beginning!

sexypartyclub0203123.jpg sexypartyclub0203124.jpg sexypartyclub0203124b.jpg sexypartyclub0203125.jpg

As the crowd goes absolutely wild, Barbi awards Staci the prize for the most erotic performance in the Sexy Ladies Dance.  She wins a FREE 4-day all-inclusive vacation to the clothing-optional resort Caribbean Reef Club in Cancun, Mexico, worth over $1,200! Once she & her date are there, all her lodging, drinks, meals and alcoholic beverages are Completely FREE!

sexypartyclub0203126.jpg sexypartyclub0203127.jpg sexypartyclub0203128.jpg sexypartyclub0203129.jpg
Here Barbi awards MotherWantsIt a FREE lifestyles swinger's convention package to ConclaveChicago worth $450 for her wildness on the dance floor!  Congratulations MotherWantsIt

Barbi then awards SBryant7 a FREE lifestyles swinger's convention package to FantasyChicago worth $425 for her wildness on the dance floor!  Congratulations SBryant7!

sexypartyclub0203129b.jpg sexypartyclub0203129c.jpg sexypartyclub0203129d.jpg sexypartyclub0203130.jpg

And earlier in the night Barbi awarded GeeLgee for being the first to identify the Mystery Song a FREE swinger's Lifestyles-Conventions package to Las Vegas in August worth $450!

sexypartyclub0203130c.jpg sexypartyclub0203130d.jpg sexypartyclub0203131.jpg sexypartyclub0203131b.jpg

Even though the prizes for the night had been awarded, this did not stop the excitement on the dance floor.  It was just the beginning!

sexypartyclub0203132.jpg sexypartyclub0203133.jpg sexypartyclub0203134.jpg sexypartyclub0203135.jpg

Barbi signs the last few prize vacation certificates for the winners... and then it's time to go into the VIP Orgy room BABY!!!

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