Remember 7 years ago when Chatting Online Was Brand New?  
There was no such thing as an "Internet Party".  Remember those days?  Remember when we'd all hang out in the Florida Couples chat room chatting and making friends.

Then After meeting several people in the online chatrooms, we quickly learned that when we met them in person that many people didn't come close to matching their online profile or even the pictures they emailed to us.  Some dates were a disaster!  I figured that there had to be a better way!

So over six years ago I started a party & I called it an Internet Party.   As strange as it may seem now, since there had never been an Internet party before, nobody had ever heard of an Internet Party so I had to explain to everyone what it was.  Many people thought we were talking about a party to be held online in a chatroom, they didn't realize we were talking about meeting people in person.

I met with the owner of a local swing club and made special arrangements to have our party there.  That first party was such an unbelievable success, that it quickly became a monthly way for everyone online to easily meet each other all in one place, at one time, in one night.

Then when many of my girlfriends got their own websites and were known as "WebMistresses" we nicknamed them "WebGirls" and they began helping me to host these parties.  Everyone soon discovered that me and my WebGirl friends were a really wild bunch of sexy girls that really knew how to have fun and get the party started, so when they saw an Internet party, they knew that it was a party that was going to be hosted by "Barbi and all her WebGirl friends, and everyone knew that it was going to be a wild and rockin' party.  They knew what to expect!

Now after hosting these parties every month for over six years, our party have become so well known and famous that other people wanting to have a party would simply slap the name "Internet Party" onto it, and lots of people would show up thinking it was our event.  So to distinguish ourselves from those parties, we began calling our parties, "WebGirl Internet Parties" or Internet WebGirl Parties" so people would know which parties were the real deal.

Then, people started copying that too.  This has become an increasing problem as so many clubs now seem to be calling their parties "Internet Party" and promising to party with the "WebGirls" and even claiming to be the original Internet party.  Many websites from swing clubs all over even copy the words on our website when they are promoting their parties, as more and more people attempted to capitalize on the good reputation our parties have legitimately earned. 

In an effort to protect people from being mislead, we have formed a Club called The Sexy Party Club.  But make no mistake about it... We are still the one and only original Internet Party, attended by all my WebGirl friends, but we're trying to make it easier for everyone to know which are the REAL parties so they don't accidentally go to the wrong ones.  Let's hope they don't begin trying to call their parties the Sexy Party Club.

So this Website Is The Sexy Party Club.  And We Are Still The One And Only Original Internet Party Anywhere, Every Month For 7 Years Straight & Going Strong Getting Bigger & Better Every Month Thanks To People Like You!