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Please Read This Entire Page Completely.  We take very seriously our responsibilities to all the WebGirls and we will defend their right to fair and equal traffic exchange and will protect them from anyone cheating them.

Dear WebGirls,

At The Monthly WebGirls Parties, we are very appreciative that so many of the Internet's sexiest WebGirls have made these parties their number one favorite party place.

Swing Clubs historically need to charge high prices for admission because this is the only money that they make since they are a bottle club, they don't sell drinks.  That means that everything after the front door, is overhead to them, dinner, snacks, breakfast, soda, juice, ice mixers, towels, everything costs them money with nothing coming in.

To show our appreciation, for your support, assistance in marketing & promoting these events through linking from your site, and for your active participation at these parties, we've made special arrangements with Plato's Repeat, to waive all your door charges at our parties.

So You Can Come To These Monthly Parties Completely FREE!

Ken & I work extremely hard to promote these parties and to make them the most fun swinging WebGirl's parties anywhere.  Plato's also understands the value that WebGirls have and appreciates the excitement that their presence & active participation helps to create at these parties. So to show our appreciation, all WebGirls are given FREE admittance for themselves and a date  IF they are a WebGirl.

  • YOU Are A REAL WebGirl If:
  1. You Attend our monthly Internet WebGirls parties & dress in theme.
  2. You Actively Participate in the party events and photo sessions (Sexy Ladies Dance, Stage & Orgy Room photo shoots.)
  3. You have a banner prominently placed on your website in your free area & members area, linked to inviting everyone to meet you at the party.
  4. You actively market and promote the parties, inviting all your members to come meet you in person. (If you never have any members come to the party, then you aren't actively marketing)
  5. You have this page (SexyPartyClub Page) linked in your members and free area of your website. If you like, you can simply hot link this page into your site so that any updates we make to it will automatically be shown on your site.
YOU Are NOT A Legitimate SexyPartyClub WebGirl If:
  1. You have a commercial website, but you do not follow the 5 steps outlined above for "Real SexyPartyClub WebGirls",
  2. You do not have our party banners or links on your site to promote our parties, and you don't actively invite all your members to come meet you at the party.
  3. You never have any members that attend the parties. (when you have members, introduce them to us so we can give them a VIP wristband)
  4. You don't contribute in any way to the success of these parties.
  5. You don't have a legitimate commercial website with serious traffic, but you try to Fake your way into our parties for FREE by posing as a WebGirl and printing fake business cards.
  6. Remember that we have a printed VIP list of ALL qualifying WebGirls that will be verified at the door.  (To avoid embarrassment, please don't try to fake your way in.  You won't be on the VIP list and, we know all the true legitimate websites so you won't get away with it)

Remember that it takes lots of time, effort, energy and money to make these parties the success that they are and to provide all the benefits and prizes to help promote these parties.  It's not fair to all the WebGirls that are shown on the WebGirls page, that are linking and helping to promote these parties and inviting their members to the parties, if someone that does nothing gets the same V.I.P. benefits as those WebGirls that do everything.  If you are not listed on this WebGirls page then you have not been approved yet and will not be on the V.I.P. list.

It this sounds somewhat strict, it is.  And that is because we take very seriously our responsibilities to all the WebGirls and we will defend their right to fair and equal traffic exchange and will protect them from anyone cheating them.

The reason these requirements are necessary is because some of the WebGirls were enjoying the FREE admission they were given, but they didn't do anything in exchange for it.  Some just came in, put their business cards on the WebGirls reception table, had dinner and enjoyed themselves, but didn't invite any members, send any traffic to our party website, and didn't get actively involved in any of the special photo events that make this night what it is.

Also, being actively involved in all these activities and having your picture taken is the only way to get the special Plug-In that we send to all the WebGirls that were in all the party pictures.  So get involved, have fun & enjoy these parties for FREE & get the site for FREE for all your members, with another 1,000 party pictures added every month.

A "Plug-In" means that the SexyPartyClub site is a members only website.  But all your members get it for FREE each month that you attend a party.  That lets you advertise to all your members that they get a $20.00 per month value for FREE when they are a member of your website!

There are thousands of pictures for your members to enjoy on this website. There are pictures from parties from the last several years and we will be uploading even more for your members to be able to enjoy.

Remember that your FREE membership to the SexyPartyClub, that lets all your members see all the pictures for FREE is available for the WebGirls that attend these parties and are actively involved in the pictures.  Attending and NOT being involved doesn't count.

Even if you didn't attend a certain party, your members can still enjoy all the pictures from all the parties for the next month when you attend our party. That means that every party you attend, you instantly unlock tens of thousands of pictures for your members to enjoy for FREE ! We even pay for all the bandwidth.  You do nothing but be a SexyPartyClub WebGirl!

If you cannot attend a party but you still want the Party Plug-In for your website, then you can buy it to help pay for all the bandwidth, time, expenses and costs associated with this VERY BIG website.  The plug-in is available for only $100 per month for every 200 members you have to your website.  We would much rather have your fun & active participation at the party than your money but we certainly understand if you can't or don't want to come to a party, the same as we hope that you understand this website costs lots of time, effort, energy & money to create, operate and maintain so you understand the need to charge.  WebGirls know the massive amounts of time a website takes to manage, so can certainly appreciate this.

This gives you lots of pictures and tons of content without having to do any of the editing work.
Plus we will list you on our website with the other sexy WebGirls that attend our monthly Internet parties with links to your site throughout all the sets of pictures taken each month that you attend a party.  And it gets you instantly linked on all the other attending WebGirl's websites in their members area too.  And these links stay on the websites every month, year after year even if you don't attend anymore parties.  And remember that the members area is where the buying & money spending CyberSurfers are so hopefully they'll join your site too!  So be sure to be actively involved in all the activities at the parties and get lots of pictures taken for lots of FREE, High-Quality WebSite content, traffic and exposure!

The easiest thing to do is to hotlink this URL from your website and it will always show the latest information for you.

Or you can do what I like the best and what several other WebGirls do, and that is link to this page so it always shows them all the information on the current upcoming party.

Remember that this party site is a very instrumental tool to help your amateur website. YOUR MEMBERS LOVE TO MEET YOU IN PERSON!!! It lets your members know you're for real because they can meet you in person in an atmosphere that no "bar meet" anywhere can even begin to compete with.

Nothing retains members for long term like being able to meet and party with you and all your WebGirlfriends.

If you ever have any questions or suggestions on how to make things better and more fun for everyone, please let us know.

We look forward to meeting your members of your website and seeing everyone dressed in theme at the next party. Complete party details are at

Bring a photo business card to show at the door that you're a WebGirl with a legitimate website business.  Please remember that the purpose of this is not for couples or ladies that have a photo business card to claim they are a webgirl in order to get into a free party.  It is for real WebGirls with high-traffic websites that link and send traffic to and to invite their fans and members to come meet them in person.  When you benefit the parties, then the parties benefit you.

On your website, tell all your fans & members that you will be co-hosting these monthly parties with Barbi and all the other WebGirls listed on this site and that they can come meet you & them in person.  Go to this banner page to select some banners to place on your site and link to

As a WebGirl at the party, Barbi might ask you to help make their name tags and greet arriving guests for 30 minutes during the evening.  It's fun and is a great way to meet lots of people and make lots of friends.  Many of the WebGirls enjoy it so much that they stay at the "WebGirls Welcome Station" much of the evening!

After you have placed our party banners on your website, and linked them to, then email us the URL where these banner links are located and also send us a 100x150 thumbnail to place you on our party website, because remember, if you are not listed on our party website, then you will NOT be on the V.I.P. WebGirl list and you will be paying to get in.

Be sure to bring lots of your business cards to place on the WebGirls Welcome Station for the hundreds of party-goers to take with them.

Important Notice To Your WebMasters:
Please remember that the pictures on this website
belong to this website and are NOT to be downloaded and saved in the members area of your website for viewing there.  They are ONLY to be viewed from this website.  This keeps it fair for all the WebGirls because then all WebGirls can all be assured that all the links to all the websites are still in tact.  We have lots of members to our website and they all view these pictures the exact same way that your members and all the members from all the WebGirls sites will view them.  This exposes all our members and everyone else's members to YOUR website and is equally fair for everyone.

Very Important:
Any website found to be downloading any content from this site and posting it on their site, is cheating ALL the WebGirls that are following the rules, and the offending WebGirl will be removed from all links on all sites and all links from all parties on all pages, and will be banned from all future parties, and will be required to remove from their website, all the pictures belonging to  Please know that ignorance is no excuse, because everyone could easily say "I didn't know".  It is every WebGirl and WebMaster's responsibility to read, understand and follow these policies.  If you have any questions, please ask us.  This is an extremely valuable marketing tool, but it is only fair if everyone follows all the rules all of the time, not just some of the people some of the time.  This pertains to everyone.

It this sounds somewhat strict, it is.  And that is because we take very seriously our responsibilities to all the WebGirls and we will defend their right to fair and equal traffic exchange and will protect them from anyone cheating them.  This is "Firm But Fair".

Please understand that these parties are located at swing clubs and while we appreciate that you'd love to get lots of fun and exciting pictures for your website at this party, please respect that most of the party guests are swingers and don't want to have their pictures showing up on websites around the world.  It is for that reason, that No Cameras Are Ever Allowed, except for at this once a month party when Ken, who is the official photographer for for these parties that you will be co-hosting, brings his camera.

Since he has been taking these party pictures for over eight years, everyone feels very comfortable knowing that their pictures won't show up where they are not wanted, and that everyone that did not sign a model's release will have their face blurred out.  This also lets you party and have fun all night while knowing that Ken will capture all the fun and excitement in pictures for you, take care of all the model releases and edit all the pictures, removing anyone's face that didn't sign a release...  Then he'll make all the thumbnails & photo galleries containing over 1,000 pictures with all the links to all the attending webgirls, and load them up onto our party site into the Members Only area, and will activate the "Plug-In" so that all your members can see them for FREE !  So relax, Let Ken do all the work while you have fun and enjoy the party!  (Read above for definition of "Plug-In")

Any WebGirls or WebMasters that bring a camera will be told to leave it in their car.  If they try to sneak it in, they will lose all WebGirl privileges.  If they are caught taking pictures anywhere in the club, they will be ejected and banned from the club.  Please respect everyone's right to privacy.

All WebGirls that actively participate in all the party pictures will be given the Plug-In for FREE containing all the 1,000 party pictures posted each month from all the past party months already set up in galleries with thumbnails and links to all the participating WebGirls' websites already set up so all you need to do is put a link in your members area to

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions at all, please write to us at

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