There Is Strength In Numbers...

Huge Discounts For Everyone!!!

These parties are held at very exclusive upscale nightclubs and many of them have an extremely high cover charge exceeding $100 for couples and $165 for single gentlemen.  But thanks to the tremendous size of these parties, we were able to negotiate huge discounts for everyone attending the parties, often times saving you over 50%!  That's Right... Half Off On Our Party Nights!!!

But then something happened...

After hosting our parties at the same location for a long time, the clubs began raising the prices and wanting to take away the benefits of all the loyal Internet Party members.  Then as crazy as it sounds, they began to claim OUR Party as THEIR Party thinking people would believe them.

So We Moved The Party To A Different Club...

Then after moving the parties to a new club, after only 8 months, we began to experience the same thing all over again.  That's when we figured that there just had to be a better way.

A Terrific Concept That Benefits Everyone!

After this experience, we quickly discovered the best of all worlds.  That's Right!  Now our World Famous Internet Parties are Rotating Circuit Parties.  That means we've created a circuit of the nicest cooperating clubs where we host these parties on a rotating schedule. It could be at one swing club this month and a different swing club next month, and even an extra party here and there at an "alternative underground club" moving from club to club, always giving you a great party, at a great location, at a great price, while letting you experience new clubs all the time.  Isn't that great?!?!

Strength In Numbers...

So you see... There really is "Strength In Numbers" When everyone goes to the REAL Internet Party, your loyalty is rewarded, not only with a more fun party where you meet more swingers & couples than any party anywhere, but you also get discount prices, and Fresh New Locations.  Some parties are even FREE!  Keep reading to attend for FREE!

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And when you're a Member of this FREE website, we will keep you informed of all the events... when they will be, where they will be, and how much they will be.  And you'll discover lots of exciting clubs along the way. It's that easy!!!

Would You Like Our Party At Your Club?

If you own a nightclub, or are a member of a swing club where you'd like to see our party held, simply send an email to and that could be our next party location!  Club Owners Click Here!

FREE InternetParty!!!

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