Micro-Mini "Up-Skirts" Party!

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sexypartyclub0802132.jpgsexypartyclub0802134.jpgKelly got completely naked and was dancing on top of the DJ booth and she won a FREE 4-day all-inclusive vacation to the clothing-optional resort Caribbean Reef Club in Cancun, Mexico, sexypartyclub0802133.jpgworth over $1,200.00! Once she and her date are there, all her lodging, drinks, meals and alcoholic beverages are completely FREE! Once Kelly won, she showed her appreciation by giving us all a view that we love so much!  Thanks Kelly!
sexypartyclub0802135.jpgMick69Jim won a FREE 5-day all-inclusive vacation to the clothing-optional resort Hedonism In Jamaica worth over $1,600.00! Once she and her date are there, all her lodging, drinks, meals and alcoholic beverages are completely FREE! Congratulations Mick69Jim!

sexypartyclub0802136.jpgSweet little Alabama Becky was the first one to name this month's "Mystery Song" when it was played so she won a FREE lifestyles swinger's convention package to ChicagoAdventure worth $450, so Becky & her date will be joining Barbi at that fun convention.... How Fun!!!  Remember that every month we have a different song and when you hear it played, be the first one to tell Barbi and YOU WIN!!!

 sexypartyclub0802138.jpg sexypartyclub0802139.jpg sexypartyclub0802140.jpg sexypartyclub0802137.jpg

Above Barbi presents MuscleOrgies a FREE swinger's Lifestyles-Conventions package to their convention in Miami in March worth $450, for her wild, sexy ways during the Sexy Ladies Dance.  Congratulations MuscleOrgies!

Then birthday boy LuckyDaveFL took Barbi's special "Up-Skirts" camera, and laid on his back on the dance floor and took "Up-Skirt" pictures as every girl in the club took turns dancing over his face with no panties on!!!

sexypartyclub0802141.jpg sexypartyclub0802142.jpg sexypartyclub0802143.jpg sexypartyclub0802144.jpg

More ladies continued to swarm all over LuckyDaveFL while he laid on his back on the dance floor taking hundreds of "Up-Skirts" pictures while the ladies danced over and around him with no panties on. 

Special Game:

There are Soooo many "Up-Skirt" pictures that here is a game for YOU to win one of these valuable swingers vacations.  The person that matches the most "Up-Skirt" pictures with the correct girl, wins... it's as simple as that.  Make a list of all the "Up-Skirt" picture numbers, write them down with who's pussy it is and bring your list with you to the next party and the person that correctly identifies the most "Up-Skirt Pussies" Wins a FREE Swingers Vacation Package!

sexypartyclub0802145.jpg sexypartyclub0802146.jpg sexypartyclub0802147.jpg sexypartyclub0802148.jpg
Remember that a lot of these links are not active because the pictures are much too graphic to show you in this FREE area.  To see all the pictures, un-censored, then Join my website, because baby... this is the party!

This is the ONLY website in the world where the members of the website are the content stars.  All these pictures are Real Swingers, Real Party-Goers, at a Real Party and we're all having Real Sex! YOU Could Be Here!

Everyone is invited and we'd love to see YOU at my next party! Every Month Baby!!!

sexypartyclub0802149.jpg sexypartyclub0802150.jpg sexypartyclub0802151.jpg sexypartyclub0802152.jpg
Then KathlynDakota & SwFlKpl (Miss Plato's 2001) began what started out as a circle-jerk, but ended up as a major suck-fest as they began sucking every long, hard, stiff cock on the dance floor.
sexypartyclub0802152b.jpg sexypartyclub0802153.jpg sexypartyclub0802153b.jpg sexypartyclub0802154.jpg
It was a wild scene as the guys seemed to be lining up as these two super-hot blondes KathlynDakota & SwFlKpl, sucked them off one-by-one with a little help from Angie.
sexypartyclub0802154b.jpg sexypartyclub0802155.jpg sexypartyclub0802156.jpg sexypartyclub0802157.jpg
This "dance floor circle-jerking suck-fest" really was a totally wild scene as these luscious ladies had their tongues lapping up all the hard cocks they could find.
sexypartyclub0802158.jpg sexypartyclub0802159.jpg sexypartyclub0802159b.jpg sexypartyclub0802160.jpg
That told us that it was time to go into the VIP room as this showed all the signs of turning into a full-blown mega-orgy.
sexypartyclub0802161.jpg sexypartyclub0802162.jpg sexypartyclub0802162b.jpg sexypartyclub0802163.jpg
So before leading everyone into the VIP room, Barbi bent over the bar to order another glass of wine, and LuckyDaveFL kissed her ass...
...before another party-goer licked Barbi's pink little asshole.  Now THAT's how you order a drink!!!
Then while the horniest people followed Barbi to the VIP room, LuckyDaveFL stayed laying on the dance floor on his back taking "Up-Skirt" pictures.
These "Up-Skirt" pictures continue for hundreds more in the members area of this site, so be sure to play our game and match all the "Up-Skirt Pussies" with the correct ladies, and bring your list to the next party because remember, the person with the most correct matches wins a FREE swinger's vacation package!
Remember.... There are over 500 Hard-Core XXX pictures taken at every party every single month, with several thousand of them taken from all our past parties.  To see all of them in super high-resolution, Join this site, and see what you've been missing!
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