Barbi's Retro 50's Sock-Hop Party

Real-Life Swinging Orgy Action With Real Couples, Swingers, Wives & Girlfriends Fucking & Sucking All The Party-Goers At This "Fantasy-Come-True" Party!!!

This Party Was Hands Down,
The Sexiest Party Ever, With More Ladies Showing Off Their "Retro 50's Style" In a Way You've NVER Seen!!!   And Baby this isn't what you saw back in the 50's, this is the XXX 50's SexyPartyClub style!!!

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Some of the WebGirls At This Party Includes:  Barbi the BlondeFlasher, LadyDPlays, OralAngie, DDDivas, Tiger
SilkySusan, MotherWantsIt, JosieTheBitch, ShannonSecret, BigAssBlondeFloridaFox, MuscleOrgy, ChaChaAmore, & Barbi.
sexypartyclub0303001.jpg sexypartyclub0303002.jpg sexypartyclub0303003.jpg sexypartyclub0303004.jpg

Barbi and LadyDPlays both wore their Sexy Retro 50's Sock Hop attire, but only as the two of them could.  Did you ever see such Short Poodle Skirts? or So much Lovely Cleavage back during the 50's?  I don't think so, but this is what you saw and more at this 50's Sock Hop.

sexypartyclub0303004b.jpg sexypartyclub0303005.jpg sexypartyclub0303006.jpg sexypartyclub0303006b.jpg

And these rare pictures of Ken, show the smile on his face gives you an idea of what a great Erotic Sock Hop this was!

sexypartyclub0303007.jpg sexypartyclub0303008.jpg sexypartyclub0303009.jpg sexypartyclub0303010.jpg

This night had the Hottest Ladies ever, as you can see here by BR0244 teasing the party goers as only she could with her Very Sultry Sexy Style.

sexypartyclub0303010b.jpg sexypartyclub0303011.jpg sexypartyclub0303012.jpg sexypartyclub0303012b.jpg
sexypartyclub0303013.jpg sexypartyclub0303014.jpg sexypartyclub0303014b.jpg sexypartyclub0303015.jpg
sexypartyclub0303016.jpg sexypartyclub0303016b.jpg sexypartyclub0303017.jpg sexypartyclub0303017b.jpg

The World Famous SexyPartyClub's Bar Dance was the Wildest ever!  Barbi jumped up on the bar and had Sexy Ladies in line to follow.  GeeLgee, ShannonSecret, OralAngie, and a number of "Mystery Dancers" danced on the bar showing all their "pink parts".

sexypartyclub0303018.jpg sexypartyclub0303019.jpg sexypartyclub0303020.jpg sexypartyclub0303020b.jpg
sexypartyclub0303021.jpg sexypartyclub0303022.jpg sexypartyclub0303022b.jpg sexypartyclub0303023.jpg
sexypartyclub0303024.jpg sexypartyclub0303025.jpg sexypartyclub0303025b.jpg sexypartyclub0303026.jpg

The crowd was going crazy as the girls danced over their heads and that made the girls go even Crazier!  The bartender brought out the SexyPartyClub's exclusive Air-Cannon to blow up the girl's skirts and show their Pink & that's when the Party really kicked into high gear!

sexypartyclub0303027.jpg sexypartyclub0303027b.jpg sexypartyclub0303028.jpg sexypartyclub0303029.jpg
sexypartyclub0303029b.jpg sexypartyclub0303030.jpg sexypartyclub0303030b.jpg sexypartyclub0303031.jpg

GeeLgee, ShannonSecret, and Barbi did not take long to get Naked and show their greatest assets.  With the music, the lights, and the cheers from the crowd, it All got the ladies going Crazy!

sexypartyclub0303032.jpg sexypartyclub0303033.jpg sexypartyclub0303034.jpg sexypartyclub0303035.jpg
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