Temptation Island







Barbi's Temptation Island Swinger's Boating Regatta
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First I'd like to thank everyone that helped to make our Temptation Island swinger's regatta a great success.  And thanks to all of you that sent all these pictures from the party to me to share with everyone.
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The Temptation Island swinger's regatta got off to a great start.
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Everyone met at the designated marina to follow-the-leader to the island.
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If the seas were calm, we planned to go to a great sandbar in the ocean, but as luck would have it, the choppy seas made us go to our alternate location... an island in the intercoastal.
sexypartyclubboat903019.jpg sexypartyclubboat903020.jpg sexypartyclubboat903021.jpg sexypartyclubboat903022.jpg
sexypartyclubboat903023.jpg sexypartyclubboat903024.jpg sexypartyclubboat903025.jpg sexypartyclubboat903026.jpg
It was a great site to see as 22 boats followed as Barbi lead the way.
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sexypartyclubboat903031.jpg sexypartyclubboat903032.jpg sexypartyclubboat903033.jpg sexypartyclubboat903034.jpg
The ride to the island was fun... But....
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