Barbi's Fantasy Fest Costume Party

There must have been a full moon this night because this costume party was wild beyond belief.

As you'll soon see in the pictures, everything happened this night!  Girls were having circle-jerks, 5-cock blow-jobs, hard-core anal sex, double-penetrations, Bukakke Cum facials and Interracial Gang-Bangs all right out in the open for everyone to see!

Be sure to take your time and read every single word because you're not going to believe you're about to see.

Make plans now to attend my next party so YOU can be part of all this fun & excitement!  This Is THEE Party Baby!

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Some of the WebGirls At This Party Includes:  Barbi the BlondeFlasher, LadyDPlays, Taija , ShannonSecret,
SilkySusan, OralAngie, Tiger, MotherWantsIt,
BigAssBlonde, ChaChaAmore & Barbi.
sexypartyclub1003001.jpg sexypartyclub1003002.jpg sexypartyclub1003003.jpg sexypartyclub1003004.jpg
Barbi's annual Fantasy Fest costume party is one of the funniest ones of the year.  All the different costumes really makes it a special night.
sexypartyclub1003017.jpg sexypartyclub1003017b.jpg sexypartyclub1003018.jpg sexypartyclub1003018b.jpg
sexypartyclub1003019.jpg sexypartyclub1003019b.jpg sexypartyclub1003020.jpg sexypartyclub1003020b.jpg
Barbi arrived early as usual to decorate the night club for this special party night.  And after decorating the club, she decorated herself in this sexy pirate outfit.
sexypartyclub1003005.jpg sexypartyclub1003006.jpg sexypartyclub1003006b.jpg sexypartyclub1003007.jpg
And what little photo shoot of Barbi before the party would ever be complete without some close up shots of her sparkling diamond pussy piercing?
sexypartyclub1003012.jpg sexypartyclub1003012b.jpg sexypartyclub1003013.jpg sexypartyclub1003014.jpg
sexypartyclub1003014b.jpg sexypartyclub1003015.jpg sexypartyclub1003015b.jpg sexypartyclub1003010.jpg
A true pirates chest up her skirt and between her slender, tan thighs lies the most precious bounty of all!

I Just LOVE This Once A Year Party!  The Fantasy Fest Costume Party...  Don't You Just LOVE Dressing Up In Wild And Crazy Outfits For Fun And Fantasy?

Remember... This is the ONLY website in the world where the members of the site are the content stars!  Everyone over 21 is invited to attend my monthly parties.

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sexypartyclub1003016.jpg sexypartyclub1003008.jpg sexypartyclub1003009.jpg sexypartyclub1003011.jpg
Barbi has just a few minutes to rest before the doors open for the huge crowds that always travel from all over the world to attend her wild and adventurous parties.
sexypartyclub1003027.jpg sexypartyclub1003021.jpg sexypartyclub1003022.jpg sexypartyclub1003022b.jpg
The doors are about to open so it's time for Barbi to put her poodle puppy (BrandiLicious) away before all the guests flood through the doors & meet her at her welcome table for this wild night of erotic ecstasy.
 sexypartyclub1003026.jpg sexypartyclub1003025.jpg  sexypartyclub1003024.jpg sexypartyclub1003024b.jpg
sexypartyclub1003023.jpg sexypartyclub1003028.jpg sexypartyclub1003029.jpg sexypartyclub1003030.jpg
Shannon is one of the first guests to arrive, along with a couple pimp-daddies in full costume.
sexypartyclub1003031.jpg sexypartyclub1003032.jpg sexypartyclub1003033.jpg sexypartyclub1003033b.jpg
Barbi's luscious friend from Amsterdam with a matching diamond pussy piercing the same as Barbi's, arrived early in full latex & begged Barbi to introduce her to some nice guys for a Gang-Bang at this party, which you'll get to see it all in its entirety in just a few minutes when we go into the VIP room.
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