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Written By:  Barbi Leigh & Ken

Thank you very much for your interest in our parties.
I will now try to answer all your questions and give you as much information as possible and I will also give you "blue links" for you to click on that will take you to even more detailed information on our web site. First of all....

Most our parties are held at an "On-Premise" couples club. (on premise means that there are special areas where sex takes place). It looks just like any other very upscale night club, bars, disco, flashing lights, chrome & glass. But it also has several TV sets throughout playing adult movies, lounge areas, hot tubs, several private 2-8 person play rooms and a few giant playrooms, ("Luvnaziums"), locker room and unisex showers.

It is not necessary to participate in the "activities" in the large group activity room if that is not your desire. There are observation couches & cubby holes for you to sit or lay in comfort and enjoy your viewing pleasure, close enough to see and enjoy, yet not so close as to get swept up and be part of the activities. So you can sit near the "action" but not participate, just watching and being watched if that is your comfort level since some members are super soft swingers and only like to watch with minimal touching of others, and some are soft swingers who like to do all sorts of "Hand Play" with others but only penetrate their partner.

It is not necessary for you to be completely naked in these activity rooms, but to go into these special areas, you are required to check your clothes in a locker and you will be provided you with large beach towels to cover yourselves. If you've never been to a swing club before, then I strongly suggest that you visit the section on our website titled, "What To Expect On Your First Visit To A Swing Club" This is filled with lots of great information about the lifestyle and what your first night will be like.

Included in your admission price is a full gourmet' dinner buffet served all night long.  All Swing Clubs are a BYOB club, which means you will Bring Your Own Bottle of beer, wine or alcohol and the club provides all the juice, sodas and mixers for free.

The rules in all swing clubs all around the world is that no guests may bring cameras of any kind ever inside the club. This is for the privacy and protection of all everyone. The pictures you see on our website are taken at our monthly Internet party and Ken, our official photographer, takes pictures only of couples that request them to be taken and who sign a models release. So if you'd ever like sexy digital pictures taken of yourself for FREE, then be sure to come to our next Internet party.

The best night for first time visitors to visit any swing club, is our monthly Internet Party. Several hundred fun couples, swingers, exhibitionists and voyeurs all attend for what has become the wildest and biggest Internet parties anywhere in the world. Go to our Party Pixxx to see pictures from past parties! We get big discounts at the swing clubs for our big party group and the party starts early  at 8:00 that night for our famously popular, "Beat The Clock Night", where you save tons of money by arriving early and only paying $35. Complete details are available in the prices section.

Everything is included in your party package price (We do not accept reservations, Memberships are available at the door).

Florida law is very strict about private membership clubs ONLY admitting Members and their guests. So for anyone to enter, you must be a Member even if you are only going to visit for one night. You will love it and think it's well worth the price. Most people spend more on dinner, dancing & drinks than they do for a night at our parties... And you won't find our wild and crazy events at Denny's or IHOP! 

Clean, polite, well-dressed unescorted gentlemen are welcome to come to our parties.  Single gentlemen MUST Click Here and read this before attending. You will be asked if you've read this. If you have not, then you will not be admitted.

The accepted dress code (which is strictly enforced) is clean & neat.  The ladies pull out all the stops in dressing very sexy & erotic in sexy sheer outfits & lingerie or glamorous long gowns, (for ladies nudity is welcome in most areas of the club as the night progresses and the evening heats up), while the gents dress in slacks and a neat shirt, (no shorts, sandals torn jeans, printed T-shirts or ball caps for the guys, you will be turned away if you are not dressed properly).

If we have not answered all your questions and you need more information, please feel free to email us at or call the Night Club where our upcoming party is scheduled.

Thank you very much, we hope to see you at our next Internet Party!

Barbi Leigh :)

Barbi Leigh & Ken from the website composed this detailed "Question & Answers" page and the "What To Expect" section.  This information is so valuable, that (although unauthorized to do so) a couple clubs post this information on their website.  This speaks volumes for this information's value!




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