Barbi's Retro Sock-Hop Party

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sexypartyclub0304665.jpg sexypartyclub0304666.jpg sexypartyclub0304666b.jpg sexypartyclub0304667.jpg

With Barbi jerking his cock off into Taija's mouth, while Rinay squeezed his balls while Taija kept sucking his cock, then seeing Barbi lick Taija's ass, it was more than he could handle!  He was to the point of exploding his hot jizz all over her.

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sexypartyclub0304684.jpgThen in a huge explosive burst, the Partygoer blasted his steamy load all over Taija's face while Barbi  & Rinay keep jerking him off, squeezing every ounce out of his sack, and making sure that Taija got all of his sexual ambrosia!!

sexypartyclub0304685b.jpgGobs and Gobs of warm salty cum spilled itself all over Taija's beautiful face, and she uses her tongue to catch as much as she can.

Huge streams of cum squirted all over - and our golden girl Taija was loving every drop of it all over her gorgeous face and body.

sexypartyclub0304687b.jpgTaija loved the feel of the warm gooey cream she had all over, running down her face, dripping off her cheeks & chin and gobbed up all over her face!  She sure got what she wanted!  She was rewarded handsomely for a "blow-job" well done!!!

After licking as much of the cum as she could off her face and fingers, Taija kicked back to enjoy a cool smoke!

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