Barbi's Retro Sock-Hop Party

As you'll soon see in the pictures, this was one wild party night with hundreds of sexy party people attending.

There were circle-jerks, Multi-cock blow-jobs & anything else you can imagine all happening right out in the open on the dance floor & in the VIP room in front of tons of strangers with everyone watching!

Be sure to take your time & read every single word because you're not going to believe this!

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Make plans now to attend my next party so YOU can be part of all this fun & excitement!  Some of the WebGirls At This Party Were:  Barbi the BlondeFlasher, Taija, LadyDPlays, Tiger, MotherWantsIt, JosieThebitch, ChaChaAmore & Barbi.
sexypartyclub0304000.jpg sexypartyclub0304001.jpg sexypartyclub0304002.jpg sexypartyclub0304002b.jpg
sexypartyclub0304003.jpg sexypartyclub0304004.jpg sexypartyclub0304004b.jpg sexypartyclub0304005.jpg

1-2-3-O'clock, 4-O'clock rock!!!  Yes! Barbi's all geared up for her sexy sock-hop party!!!  Dress to the 9's in her erotic 50's outfit, capped off with a crystal name choker made just for her by...

sexypartyclub0304005b.jpg sexypartyclub0304006.jpg sexypartyclub0304006b.jpg sexypartyclub0304007.jpg (you can order one via the website or come to our party May 7th they'll be there to take your order).  The crystal diamond choker glittered beautifully against Barbi's peaches & cream skin. 

sexypartyclub0304008.jpg sexypartyclub0304008b.jpg sexypartyclub0304009.jpg sexypartyclub0304010.jpg

In all her lacy frill and big bouncy hardened pink nipples, Barbi gave our photographer a sexy strip tease he would never forget. Wonder if anything else glistens against all that pretty pink flesh?

sexypartyclub0304010b.jpg sexypartyclub0304011.jpg sexypartyclub0304011b.jpg sexypartyclub0304012.jpg

I Just LOVE This Once A Year Party!  The Sock-Hop Party...  Where All Us Girls Get To Show You our sexiest 50's Garb!!!
Don't You Just LOVE It?

Remember... This is the ONLY website in the world where the members of the site are the content stars!  Everyone over 21 is invited to attend my monthly parties.

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sexypartyclub0304013.jpg sexypartyclub0304014.jpg sexypartyclub0304015.jpg sexypartyclub0304015b.jpg

Showing us what a succulent full moon looks like, Barbi dropped her pretty panties and gave us a view from the back and then the front. That glistening 1ct. pussy ring twinkled brightly in the light.

sexypartyclub0304016.jpg sexypartyclub0304016b.jpg sexypartyclub0304017.jpg sexypartyclub0304017b.jpg

Taking down her soft spaghetti strap bra and baring her pink puckered nipples, she then slid her tiny lacy panties off her tight little body.

sexypartyclub0304020.jpg sexypartyclub0304022.jpg sexypartyclub0304023.jpg sexypartyclub0304025b.jpg
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That pretty pleated skirt was next to come off those soft feminine curves!  If this body is any indication, we are in for a wild ride tonight!

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But now the party guests are arriving so it's party time baby!

sexypartyclub0304028.jpg sexypartyclub0304029.jpg sexypartyclub0304030.jpg sexypartyclub0304031.jpg

SxyFlyCpl & Taija arrive all decked out in their best Retro 50's Garb! 

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