Barbi's Retro Sock-Hop Party

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sexypartyclub0304640.jpgRinay put her tongue into Taija's asshole while she straddled the couch doggie style and palmed the cock she was sucking.

Taija swabbed this cock up and down - bobbing her head like a goodsexypartyclub0304646.jpg little dirty girl, just waiting for the chance to eat some hot cum.

Taija was getting the royal treatment, as you can see - she had a velvety pink tongue being shoved way deep into her tight asshole...sexypartyclub0304664.jpg

... and a nice stiff cock to keep her own sexypartyclub0304662.jpgmouth occupied and stifled all the moans of pleasure that were escaping Taija with every lick.

Barbi who is always in the middle - couldn't resist and joined in with Taija licking the cock of this lucky guy while jerking it off in Taija's awaiting mouth making sure she gets enough of his hot cum.

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