Barbi's Retro Sock-Hop Party

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RINAY was enjoying eating every drop of sweet tasting pussy from Taija as she continued to suck on a hard stiff cummy cock.

sexypartyclub0304616.jpgBut that rock-hard throbbing cock was too much for RINAY to resist, and she wanted to join in on the sucking fun & began to double-team this lucky fellow.  Taija took the low road, licking long leisurely strokes of his balls...

While Rinay had her pussy on display and she sucked this cock like there was no tomorrow!   She was getting ready for a good fucking. Her hot, steamy cunt was glistening with arousal.

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sexypartyclub0304639b.jpgRinay  was deep-throating our lucky friend here while Taija tea-bagged his balls.  Taija's tit's were about to burst at the nipples!

sexypartyclub0304639.jpgTurned on by the thought of this intense 3-some, Rinay helped her give a double blow job and kissed Taija letting her get a taste of her own lingering pussy sauce ...

Rinay spread Taija's cunt and asshole wide open with Barbi's Ken to get ready to shove her tongue deep into Taija's asshole and rim her in and out of that tight little hole.

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